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We are premier pharmacy for medication compounding!

We are the areas premier medical compounding service provider. Our focus is on delivering quality in our products and services. We, at Bay Life Pharmacy, are not just your next door pharmacy, we are your medical partner, one that truly cares!

We combine contemporary compounding practices with tried-and-true methods of past generations of pharmacists to deliver quality preparations. In fact, personalized medications, compounded specifically for you, is our specialty, and what we excel at.

Our medication compounding service are based on a practitioners prescriptions, which are individualized to our customers special needs. Not every patient fits into a standard mold.

At Bay Life we can provide you compounded prescription drugs with custom strengths, dosage forms, flavors and much more. We can eliminate dyes, preservatives, sugars and other problematic ingredients from medications otherwise available on the commercial market. These formulations are exclusively prepared and available at Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy in our compounding division. Call us today and ask how our pharmacy medication compounding team can help.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy uses hormones that are identical on a molecular level with endogenous hormones in hormone replacement therapy.

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Our pharmacists work towards aiding dermatologists in the safe compounding of formulations used for skin grafts, laser treatments, the excision of lesions, and more.


We bring you compounding medications for pain with an advanced approach to the management of a range of conditions. Reach us more


We provide a scientific and modern compounding approach to the management of specific medication for wound care, with the least intrusive approach - effective wound care that can save lives.


Sports medicine compounding is specific to the needs of the individual beyond the activities or complications the person is exposed to, thus prioritising the individual approach.


Specific, personalized formulations for pets are easier to ingest and allow your pets the advantage of only ingesting medications which are necessary and not harmful additives.

Medication Compounding Service

A balanced mixture of intuitive substance development following an individualistic approach to consuming only the required medication

Compounding pharmacy
  • Over the counter approach with compounds created for bespoke needs
  • Quick and personalised home delivery options
  • Medical Compounding Services covers a range of vital issues including pain, hormone replacement, sports, Pediatrics, Hospice, dermatology and more.
  • Compounding Medications For Veterinary care for that loved pet at home you truly care for.
  • Major Commercial Insurances, including Medicare, accepted and processed.

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About Us
Inflated Ethics

BayLife Compounding pharmacy holds its head high with elevated ethical standards of patients practices and business processes.

Customer Interface

Having an elevated customer experience and excellence in service delivery is what we achieve day after day.

Quality Assurance

At Baylife, you are assured of all the quality measures, as our team reviews every order according to authenticated prescriptions and best practises in medicine. We maintain a strict checks on errors and consistently perform audits for quality checks.

Free Family Care

From the younger ones to the individual grown-ups, the senior citizens and your favorite pets, we are your one stop solution for your family care. Our compounding solutions cover a range of solutions for diverse conditions while ensuring an allergy and side-effect free regime of medications that allow you to ingest only what is required by your body.

Prescriptions Compounding Pharmacy

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy compounded drugs are made by precisely mixing together prescription, non-prescription and/or natural ingredients, to create a formulation which is not readily available. This allows only the necessary ingredients to enter your body and not something you actually do not need.

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Bay Life Pharmacy is a locally owned independent pharmacy located in the heart of the Tampa Bay area. We serve Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough and surrounding counties.



Information provided in our website is for educational purposes only and should never replace evaluation or treatment by your healthcare professional. Please consult your healthcare professional for a medical diagnosis and appropriate treatment options prior to taking any medications or supplements. A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications. The FDA does not review any compounded medication for safety or efficacy.

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