The Best Clinical Medication For Wound Care
August 20, 2018
Why Hospice Pharmacy Services?
August 27, 2018

Every child is special and has different abilities which make the child unique and different from others. Since birth, a child is provided with every different kind of Nutrition, based on the child’s body and age preference. When a child is sick, the child is provided with different kinds of treatments which include various types of medicines but as a child sometimes it is possible that the child would not like the taste of medicines is the colour or the way it is packed because as it’s a medicine, children sometimes think that medicines are always tasteless and unhealthy to our health. After realizing this researcher made a research on different kinds of treatments and ways of treating a disease in a much simpler way. Compounding is a mixture of Art and Science where the practitioners work on different kinds of treatment for a single kind of pain or disease and create a medication and as it is prepared for the children it is known as pediatric compounding.

Pediatric compounding is a kind of treatment offered by Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy where practitioners create medicine or medication treatment only for that part of the body where the child is affected with the pain or disease. In this kind of treatment, the child is provided with medicines but in a different way which makes the child think about it as a kind of pleasure. The practitioners use the essence of flavours and make it tasty without affecting the dosage and its ingredients. Every child is different and sometimes there might be some ingredients which may be harmful or allergic to the child and that’s the reason pediatric compounding is used for such children so that medication can be provided to the child based on his or her body and it’s requirements. We at Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy work on providing you such medications for your children who hate taking capsules/ tablets.

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