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September 4, 2018
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September 4, 2018

Every minute a life leaves the world and every second there’s a new life which takes birth. The way a child born is sensitive completely, the hold also needs such sensitive but a little more perfect care. It’s the childhood growth which keeps the health safe and healthy even after the child becomes an adult. When a child goes sick or feels himself/ herself in pain there are medicines recommended by doctors to the parents but it’s in the child’s hand whether or not to consume the medicine. Sometimes it’s the taste preference or sometimes it’s the colour and shape of medicine which makes the child think that medicine is not of a good thing to consume. That’s when the child comes under pediatric compounding pharmacy and is treated with compounding method of treatment which is the mixture of science and art.

Compounding is that kind of medication which concentrates on creating or preparing personalized medicine for the patient. It first analyses/ examines the patient’s body to understand whether or not if there are any ingredients of the medicine which can be found allergic to the patient’s body or if there are ingredients which do not take any action on the pain and needs to be replaced with another ingredient of same dosage and effect level. Here at Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy, we conduct pediatric compounding pharmacy for those children who feel medicine are of no use. The practitioners understand the child’s mentality and then prepares a medicine based on the flavor which the child would love. A pediatric compounding pharmacy is the kind of medication which makes a child believe that medicine is good to get out of the pain and disease and also helps in making the child consume medicine as if it is for pleasure. As it is prepared with different ingredients and a good flavour it does not go waste and is a useful way.

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