During the olden days whenever there was a mention of medicines, it was used to be linked only with Ayurvedic treatment for any kind of sickness/ illness. But with the changing techniques and improvement in research and changing generation, there have been inventions in many new fields related to medicines like an invention of new equipment and production of medicines which take action within minutes and you won’t find the need for an ayurvedic treatment. Compounding is of different types like pharmacy compounding and traditional compounding. A prescriptions compounding pharmacy is another kind of technique which is used to prepares and sell medicine with the same strength and effects but in this technique, medicines are prepared in different versions.

Sometimes when the sickness is on a high level, the dosage of medicine may sometimes be high and that’s the reason medicines are prepared in different partitions according to the need of sickness. The prescriptions compounding pharmacy has always been an essential part in the production of medicines. The medicines are prepared in different versions like liquid medicines are made available even in capsule form and capsule form of medicines in the form of liquid. This kind of changes in medicines is made just to provide patients with relief because every human has a different kind of sickness and each has a different level of requirement of medication. Prescriptions compounding pharmacy helps in preparing medicines of the same type in a different form so that people with different exceptions can select the kind of medicine which suits them and with an equal dosage compared to other forms of medicines. Compounding is another type of mixture of art and science which focuses on covering preparing medicine is such a way that the medicine is completely based on the calculations as to what the practitioner has prescribed. All the medicines are dependent on the prescription provided by the practitioner.

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