Compounding Medication Pharmacies And Its Relevance Today.
September 13, 2018
Compounded Prescription Drugs As A Solution To Allergies
September 17, 2018

The number of people who own a pet is ever-increasing. These pets are an extended part of the family and adequate care must be provided to them. Different species of animals have different reactions and dosage needs that must be taken into consideration when administering healthcare to them. Veterinary medicine compounding, a specialty of Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy, is an immense boon in this regard. Compounding enables pharmacists to tailor-make the dosage as well as the drugs to be used in a compact formulation that can be administered in a multitude of ways.

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy, for example, provides several pets and veterinary compounding services. Equine Compounding, Feline and Canine Compounding, Small Animal & Rodent Compounding are some of the offerings. Big animals such as horses require different drugs and, in most cases, higher dosages of these drugs when compared to cats and dogs. The latter need a higher dose when compared to even smaller pets such as rodents and other small animals that are commonly kept as pets these days. Pets are as unique as humans and carry individuality. Although commercially available medicines could be preferable for the owners’ convenience, they are not always appropriate for the pets themselves. Commercially available medicines often do not have the suitable dose needed for your animal. Customized compounding medication provides you with the exact dose that will work best for your pet.

Medical compounding services are, therefore, applicable in veterinary situations as well. Hospice and compounding pharmacy include not just the needs of human beings anymore but also the needs of our fellow animal companions. Animals of different ages also have different requirements. Commercially available drugs do not cater to the varied needs of these creatures and therefore, while they may work somewhat, the effect is greatly improved if custom-made compounded formulations are used instead of mass-produced drugs.

However, the decision to use a compounded formulation must be driven by the veterinarian and not the pharmacist. Today, veterinary medicine compounding is largely used only in those cases where the usage of the bulk-produced drug is infeasible or the drug has gone out of the market. Alternately, other situations could be those in which the dosage required for the particular animal is far too variant from the dosage available commercially. The norms set by the US FDA must be followed when formulating and administrating any compounded medicine and care must be taken to ensure that proper protocols and guidelines have been followed. Record-keeping and labelling should also be done properly so that no discrepancy or misinformation arises due to the lack of proper recording of information.

The Florida Pharmacy Act and the rules adopted thereunder do not prohibit a licensed veterinarian from administering a compounded drug to a patient, or dispensing a compounded drug to the patient’s owner or caretaker. Therefore, these modern laws allow pet owners in Florida to cater to the needs of their pets in an efficient manner.

Sometimes it is not just about the dosage or the type of drugs that are required. In many situations, the method of drug administration is not feasible and therefore an alternative method is required. In these cases, veterinary medicine compounding comes in handy as the method of administration can also be modified according to the needs of the pet in that specific situation. Convenience is also a factor as multiple different bulk capsules could be formulated into one capsule that the pet will not even realise that it has ingested.

Therefore, due to these reasons as well as numerous others, veterinary medicine compounding  is the need of the hour for any pet owner as well as their loyal companion.

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