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August 24, 2018
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August 28, 2018

Medicine is often used to help with pain management but sometimes when medicines stop taking action on a patient’s the pain or disease and stops making the patient feel a bit relaxed from the pain it means that there has to be something else done to stop the pain from spreading. Hospice pharmacy services are those services which are provided by different hospitals or pharmacists which are provided when the patient has life left less than six months and there are no more treatments which could cure the disease or pain. Hospice means when a patient no longer expects a cure for his or her pain or disease.

Hospice pharmacy services help the patient by providing them with emotional support by asking them how the particular kind of medicine is working or is it taking any action on the pain or not. When the doctors are not able to cure or treat the patient with their pain or illness, they suggest hospice pharmacy services as they know the end life procedure and the way it brings stress to the patient, patient’s family, and caretakers. Hospice is usually covered by Medicare but sometimes it might not be affordable for some medicines. We at Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy, apart from consulting parents and understanding the effects of medicine on the pain and sometimes we also have a small conversation with the patient to make them understand and to build up positivity. And as the hospice pharmacists know very well that few medicines are not working on the pain, so we research and still try making medicines with the same dosage but with different ingredients after understanding what makes the patient feel relaxed. This treatment also includes MTM( Medication Therapy Management).

These services include talking to patients and understanding which kind of medicine creates a bad influence on their health and pain and then learning about those medicines which can reduce the pain.

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